Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Post coming soon . . .

Hi all,

     So this is just a quick update post that I will likely delete soon as I get a new and detailed post up soon. Over Memorial Day, I made the trip over the Cascades from Pullman and over to Rochester. I took a lot of photos of everything I had growing, and planted a lot of new things (lentils, chickpeas, yacon, new mashua variety, ulluco, four new American groundnut varieties, new quinoa variety), and saw the results of some mistakes (major nitrogen deficiency in wheat - oops . . .).

Hopefully, I'll be getting a lot on here soon. I've been busy with work, but am hoping this weekend to get a bunch of stuff written and posted on here.

I also realized I have some things from last year I could post on that I totally forgot about, such as proso millet and American groundnut, so hopefully more on those soon.

Also, I'm renting small garden plot in Pullman, where I'm living for school, and have some oca and mashua planted here, and will be posting on those as well.