Monday, March 21, 2011

Update & Oca and Mashua Photos

Sorry for the long delay in posting. Now that winter has finally ended, the time to plant things is coming once again. The gray cloudy winter skies are starting to give way to the occasional sunny day, and I'm getting a bit restless in wanting to grow things. In fact, I've already got peas and fava beans in the ground (as of two days ago, the peas are up!), and the winter wheat varieties (hard red, hard white, and soft white - in addition to my durum wheat experimental plots) are starting to take off as well.

Also, I won't be posting nearly as many posts this year. I've been accepted to graduate school where I'll be studying plant breeding (really excited!!!) and will be moving across the state in a little over a week. In my absence, my sister will be taking care of growing out my oca, mashua, and other crop species while I'm gone, and perhaps I can grow a couple of them in some pots in my new apartment. There may be a couple posts from when I visit home, but there likely won't be as many.

Also, I've gone through my photos and realized I had quite a few more of mashua and oca on my other computer, so here they are! :
Flowering mashua vining up apple tree

Young mashua plant in our dark volcanic ash glacial soil (Spanaway series, Andisol)

Mashua and oca around the apple tree, with trellis.

Young oca plant - I believe this is the lavender variety of oca that I got from the Occidental Arts & Ecology Center